About Bedford CNC

At Bedford CNC we have over 40 years of knowledge in the manufacturing industry, there is no job too difficult for us. From Motorsport to Defence, Aerospace to Restoration projects, we have assisted many customers in reaching their goals and dreams.

With state of the art machining centres, we specialise in precision CNC Milling and Turning, Sliding Head and 4th Axis machining. 

Contact us with your manufacturing enquires today sales@bedfordcnc.co.uk

CNC Milling

Performance CNC Milling using our DMG Mori CMX 800 V. Capable of turning raw material into your finished product extremely quickly, we can have your work ready for your deadlines.


Workpiece (Max): H - 630mm, L - 1100mm, W - 560mm, 800kg weight limit

Axis: X - 800mm, Y - 550mm, Z - 520mm

CNC Milling 4th Axis

Enhancing the technology and performance of our DMG Mori M1, Bedford CNC has invested in R&D, with a 4th Axis jig. This enables us to undertake tasks quicker and reduce the waiting time for our customers. 


Workpiece (Max): H - 400mm, L - 550mm, W - 550mm, 600kg weight limit

Axis: X - 550mm, Y - 550mm, Z - 520mm

CNC Turning

Our trusty workhorse, the Haas SL20 lathe is just waiting for your CNC Turning. 


Axis: X - 300mm ⌀, Z - 500mm (Max bar length 1000mm), Bore Capacity - 50.8mm (2")

CNC Mill/Turn

Our new DMG Mori CLX 350 with dual chuck and *m bar feeder is the ultimate universal milling and turning machine.


Workpiece (Max): D - 320mm, L - 530mm, 65mm ⌀, Chuck - 250mm

Axis: X - 320mm, Y - ±40mm, Z - 500mm

CNC Sliding Head

Our trusty Citizen L20 sliding head lathe is ready and waiting to be fed. From small batches of 50 to 100,000 and beyond. Our 3 metre bar feeder enables us to maximise this machines operating capacity and reduce material change times to get your work done and meet your deadlines.


Workpiece (Max): L - 200mm, 20mm ⌀

Inspection Area

After the manufacturing process we use state of the art inspection machines. Using our Axiom Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) and Nikon Profile Projector we can make sure that our work meets the high standards and tolerances required by the client.